Why Do You Need to Move to St. Louis?

Why Do You Need to Move to St. Louis?

As the sun rises on August 17th, 2023, a new chapter of hope and opportunity begins for the Afghan diaspora in America. Moji Sidiqi, the visionary Afghan Community Development Program Manager, and Hamdullah Hamdard, the dynamic Afghan Support Communications Manager, kickstart a monumental journey that spans across some of the most vibrant Afghan-populated cities in the United States. Their mission: to attract new Afghans and secondary migrants, offering them a chance at a brighter future in the welcoming embrace of St. Louis.  

“We don’t want our new family members or new neighbors to continue to survive, we want them to thrive, we really, truly believe that St. Louis is that place where with a little bit of a push — setting them up with successes — they can catapult, and they can take that next step.” Said Moji Sidiqi  

A Trail of Promise Across America 

From the majestic shores of San Francisco to the bustling streets of Brooklyn, the Afghan Support Program Country Tour promises to captivate hearts, minds, and dreams. The tour weaves its way through the Afghan diaspora’s most cherished cities – San Antonio, Houston, Seattle, Chicago, Nashville, Knoxville, Washington DC, Maryland, Virginia, Richmond, Denver, Los Angeles, and Queens – all leading to a single destination of boundless opportunity: St. Louis. 

St. Louis: Where Dreams Take Flight 

Why St. Louis, you ask? This city stands as a testament to the Afghan Support Program’s unwavering commitment to fostering a community of Afghan success. With a meticulously designed framework, the program offers a comprehensive support system to ensure a smooth transition and a thriving life for newcomers. 

The Afghan Support Program provides: 

  • Afghan Community Center: A hub of cultural exchange, support, and togetherness. 
  • United States Afghan Chamber of Commerce: A platform to drive economic growth and innovation. 
  • Afghan Entrepreneurship $15,000 Grants: Fueling the entrepreneurial spirit within Afghans, providing the means to shape their own destinies. 
  • Coding Scholarships: Empowering the tech-savvy generation with $15,000 scholarships, unlocking the world of coding and innovation. 
  • Housing Fund: Making homeownership a reality and providing stability for families. 
  • Soccer Program for Youths and Children: Nurturing the passion for sports and building a strong community. 

Beyond Boundaries: A World of Opportunities 

But the excitement doesn’t stop there. St. Louis, often heralded as the gateway to opportunity, boasts a dynamic job market that caters to every skill set. Whether you’re an experienced professional or a newcomer to the workforce, St. Louis holds doors to countless career paths, all while embracing diversity and innovation. 

Affordability and Quality of Life 

In St. Louis, affordability doesn’t mean compromising quality. Comfortable housing options, accessible healthcare, and an array of amenities beckon newcomers to invest in their dreams without the strain of a hefty cost of living. The prospect of homeownership gleams even brighter here, offering a chance for families to establish roots and build a future. 

Entrepreneurial Oasis 

Have you ever envisioned yourself as a business owner? St. Louis turns dreams into reality with its vibrant entrepreneurial ecosystem. The Afghan Entrepreneurship $15,000 Grants, combined with the backing of the United States Afghan Chamber of Commerce, provides the fertile ground needed to nurture innovative ideas into flourishing enterprises. 

Unity in Diversity 

St. Louis prides itself on its vibrant tapestry of cultures. A true melting pot, it bridges connections among diverse backgrounds while fostering an environment of shared traditions and new experiences. In St. Louis, you’ll find belonging. 

Education: The Beacon of Growth 

With prestigious educational institutions dotting the cityscape, St. Louis is a hub for personal and professional growth. Pursue higher education or acquire new skills; the city opens doors to a multitude of opportunities. 

A Beacon of Hope for Newcomers 

The Mayor’s Office for New Americans, a unique initiative in St. Louis, shines as a symbol of unwavering support for those seeking a fresh start. A groundbreaking example that other cities can only aspire to emulate. 

Building Afghanistan in St. Louis 

The Afghan Support Program’s grand vision encompasses more than just relocation. It aspires to transform St. Louis into a home, a true Afghanistan for its people. With Moji Sidiqi and Hamdullah Hamdard as its guides, the Afghan Support Program Country Tour is not just a journey across cities; it’s a journey of the heart, the soul, and the pursuit of a new beginning. As the tour unfolds its chapters from August to late November 2023, it carries with it the promise of dreams realized and futures rewritten.