Why Do You Need to Move to St. Louis?

As the sun rises on August 17th, 2023, a new chapter of hope and opportunity begins for the Afghan diaspora in America. Moji Sidiqi, the visionary Afghan Community Development Program Manager, and Hamdullah Hamdard, the dynamic Afghan Support Communications Manager, kickstart a monumental journey that spans across some of the most vibrant Afghan-populated cities in the United States. Their mission: […]


In the bustling heart of the Afghan diaspora in America, a community shares a common dream – the dream of a life where possibilities are endless. Their yearning is simple yet profound: to turn their dreams into reality and to thrive like never before. The Afghan Support Program asks a question that is about to change lives forever, “Do you […]

Welcome Afghan Refugees to St. Louis 

Afghan refugees have faced tremendous challenges and dangers as they uplifted their lives and their families to come to America. We here in St. Louis wholeheartedly welcome all Afghan refugees who are already in St. Louis and others who want to come.  We’re not just talking about it, but have a tremendously welcoming community, hundreds of volunteers, and over 80 […]